About Us

Anshuman Barnwal

Founder, AnshumanCharts & TradesKaro.com
Hello! My name is Anshuman Barnwal, the founder of TradesKaro.com and AnshumanCharts. I am here to share all the experience gained in the stock market for last more than half decade.Trading is my passion,I love candles,charts.,and spotting break outs/downs, picking trends, and catching sectors/stocks on trend with strong fundamentals are of my edge skills. With the confidence of my expertise level , I can say that my experience has taught me what many are uneducated about.So here,at “TradesKaro.com”, my team and I will help people all around the world to comprehend and believe in the world of stocks. Our goal is to create enormous wealth through trading and investing for everyone. As per the recent Economic Survey of India and budgetary analysis, I want to take up the agenda of Government of India – Wealth Creation. This wealth will not be only for me but for the entire society working and trusting in me. Trust because I have practically learnt, by giving alot of chunk to the greatest teacher itself called “Market”. We will be tracking everything related to Indian markets and helping you in investing. People basically focus on active income , my focus is to build wealth from passive income., and basically to spread financial knowledge which many schools and colleges have failed to do so. & yes, we will grow together towards our new journey. What will you gain from here –